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January 31, 2012


But the happiest workers of all are in Miami.

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve, who says, "I think they're just happy to have survived the trip via I-95.")


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And here I always thought Austin was a happy place.

Notice that Detroit didn't even appear. I suppose some people did actually have to have jobs in a city in order to rate how happy they were with them.

Personal preferences for Moi Ownself would indicate that any of these population centers are places in which I'd be unhappy ... merely ... don't like overcrowded neighborhoods ...

What's an Oxnard?

Dum' ... that'd be a salve or ointment one uses for rehabilitative treatment of injuries to one's beast of burden ...

notice that the survey takes into account nothing about the city in which the workers work.

i am looking forward to next month's happiest brand of toothpaste.

Don't remember ever seeing a photo of Buffalo with no snow. Or the Milwaukee lakefront without a bunch of half-naked nuts qualifying for polar bear status by jumping into Lake Michigan in winter.

Cincinatti and Dayton are practically the same place, leaving room to include one more unhappy city.

How on Earth did San Antonio make the top ten and Austin make the bottom ten?

Or I-75, where there was a huge 10-car or more pile-up

Remember, all roads lead to ruin Miami.

(New Miami Chamber of Commerce slogan.)

Disney would disagree.

At least their PR department would. But when has PR stuff ever squared with reality?

It may have something to do with the availability of happy pills.

I guess if you remove the commute from the equation Miami might be a happy place to work. I am happy I don't have to sit in traffic for an hour or more twice a day...

Really!? Maybe venture, business and company owners in Miami were so kind to their employees. Their economy was fair maybe and the employees as well do work relevantly.

Must be all those rude people who are so happy here, as they gleefully run us off the road on the way to their jobs.

It is probably first because most people who live in Miami are RETIRED!

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