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January 25, 2012


Pork, the surprise remedy for a nosebleed

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That's an interesting remedy indeed. Of course I have never had to worry about nosebleeds. Bacon does sound yummy right now.

This new learning amazes me. Explain again how sheep's bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.

The blog is just full of medical information this morning! This is exactly why I keep a piece of pizza in one pocket and a hunk of fat back in the other.

....um, i thought 'getting porked' meant something entirely different

"Nasal Tampon" WBAGNFAPunkB

I suspect the salt content has something to do with it.

Note to self: Don't get injured near Cindy's hospital.

"Pork, the Other Nosebleed Remedy."

"Pork"-the other red meat.

I was wondering why they used cured pork then I read this:

"Salt pork placed in the nose and allowed to remain there for about five days has been used, but the method is rather old-fashioned."

Five days!?! Yeah, you'd better use something that isn't going to spoil very fast. Phew!

Interestin' (to Moi Ownself, @ least) info in the story ...

"Wedges of salt pork have saved a great deal of time and energy when used ... during the third stage of labour".

OK, Ladies ... fergit about them costly epidurals ... have sum bacon!!!

This will cause the question "Is there anything bacon can't do?" to enter the nasal...er national venacular.

I've never seen a hog lay eggs, so there is sumthin' bacon can't do ... but the most important half of breakfast is tooken care of ...

When I started my medical career about 200 years ago I started as an EMT. One of the first things they taught us was to use a wedge of bacon for a nosebleed. The salt causes the blood to clot and the grease prevents tearing the clot off when the bacon is removed. You're welcome.

Nurse: Doctor, that annoying fellow is on the phone again. The one who always wants Oxycodone? He says he has a nose bleed, this time.
Doctor: Oh, for ... look, tell him to cram some salt pork up his ... um, up his nose! Yeah, up his nose! Then, if he calls back again, tell him we made a mistake -- we meant, cram it up his ...

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