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January 31, 2012


BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 29 (UPI) -- Officials say they have started repairs on the waterless urinals at a Florida high school after they began springing leaks of liquids that were not water.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I'll take "What Liquid Is That?" for $100, Alex.

Spanish River High: We're #1!

Wel, they do call it Spanish River, if that means anything.

Teenage bodily fluids, or campaign ads - which are more corrosive? We report, you are disgusted.

- taking 'Keep Off the Pot' anti-drug campaign to new levels

In other news from the Daily Circumlocution, Candidates That Are Not Democrats Engage in Contest That is Not Especiallly Cordial in a State that is Not Known for Skillful Drivers.

I think I'd prefer the old fashioned urineless urinals to the modern waterless urinals.

This story has left me aflush.

I thought that was the most disturbing thing I had read in a long time. Then I read the story beneath it. It's customary for guys to joke about being guys but any guy who would miss the birth of their child for the Super Bore should be nuetered.

I could agree with that sentiment, wing' ... if only there wuz a way to manage it retroactively without harmin' the baby ... idjits such as that don't deserve to be considered as "sentient, rational, human ... " OK /end rant ...

So the plumbers told the school board, "Urine trouble now ..." Interestin' werd usageness/arrangement in the "story": "... the cost of the repairs at a total of four schools, which will run about $500,000. " IOW, they've also got a problem with the "runs" ...

Actually, it's not the urinals that're leakin' ... it's the pipes ... that's messy ... er ... sloppy "journalism" ...

Stories like this are enough to get you...mad.

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