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January 30, 2012


Attack of the Giant Monoboob.


(Thanks to Catherine Cottrell)


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Vermin Supreme has upped his game.

Exactly where would you wear something like that? I hope supermodels get paid a lot of money.

I actually thought it was Lady Gaga.

tit's more than I can stand

is it named monoboob, or is that what the designer is? lawdy.

Hey, hey, come on, people. She probably has a lot of difficulty finding work with a feature like that. At least she can play an alien or a runway model.

Poor girl. What else can she do without any hands?

Even starring in Peter and the Starcatcher requires one.

Hmm. Maybe it's an Eye of Sauron costume.

The umbrella-Marilyn model got the hair color wrong, but other than that....

I think Gianni was making a statement and it was a big "F-U" to the fashion world. Or he needs to start taking his meds.

Making fun of people with a single huge monoboob is ...well, it could be...a hate crime.

Hey, people! My eye is up here!

Well guys, it does alleviate the dilema of which one to focus on.

It's probably to take the focus off the terrible head gear. You cannot just put ribbons on a fencing mast and call it a fashion accessory.

I know that this will fall under the category of "rhetorical" questions, but ...

How fffffing crazy are these people?


That crazy. OK.

Too funny. Who is really going to wear a big boob? Who would buy it? The other one is pretty funny too. Half of her boobs are showing with those umbrellas bringing everything down.

It's the start of a new "moobment"?

I LOVE that dress.

She looks like a mutant fish from the Futurama sewer.

Cyclops called. He wants his Mommy back.

Ol' Siggy Freud would have had a LOT to say about the man that designed this thing.....

On the other hand, she looks vaguely familiar...oh yeah, Steph from college!

Um.....ok, I gotta go now......

Time fer me meds....

Thanks for keeping us abreast on this.

More proof, if any were needed, that fashion designers truly hate women.

Why is it a "monoboob" and not a "uniboob" or just a boob? We need an explanation from Mr. Language Person.

Spiny said what I said.

Ralph, more importantly why is an article of clothing which goes with both men and women called "uni-sexual", while a person who goes with both men and women is called "bi-sexual"?

I, for one, welcome our new Monoboob overlords.

I kind of liked the woman hanging from the bellhop platform, and then there was the bicycle tire hat...

"Oh, golly gee -- the pinnacle of my career. Walking down the catwalk, dressed as a jumbo shrimp. If my friends could see me now ... wait! They can! Noooooooooo!"

I think umbrella-girl slipped.
How can people watch these shows without laughing?
Maybe that's why I've never been invited.

*SNORK* @ one of the comments, "one-tit-wonder."

Bazoomage interrupted - or have the aliens finally made it mainstream? Welcome to the future!

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