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January 09, 2012


(This, for example, was caught by the aforementioned spam filter. And it would have been a tragedy to miss it. Many thanks to davcat for being concerned about the health of the bloglits.)


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Now if they showed them doing dishes, I might have to take a cold shower.

Hellooooooooooo Anthony! *rips shirt off*

Whooooo....is it warm in here or I am having a hot flash?

Ahem, that was one VERY effective public service announcement. Youza!

*runs out in pajamas to buy an iPhone so I can get the ... "app."


Even after I got the sound to werk, I din't ... um ... nevermind ...

*searching the app store*

OK, I'm a straight guy and even I think this was pretty good.
I think it will get women to pay attention. My wife may pay attention several times.

I really didn't have to look at the date/time entry to know that judi put this one up...

I'm pretty sure both those guys "checking each other out", er, um, bat for the same team?

I actually heard about this when the campus newspaper ran an editorial saying this trivialized cancer screening.

But being a straight guy, I didn't want to be the one to send it in. Besides, back then, Dave was in charge.

Oops. Former campus newspaper.

I'm a Bruin now. I have to get used to that.

How not safe is this?

I am so very glad I have an office door.

I'm very glad my teenage son didn't walk in on me while I was watching it. I'm even more glad I didn't catch him watching it.

I didn't listen to a word that they said, but I watched the whole thing. So...were they discussing the economy? The weather? Puppies? Never mind, I'll just go watch it again...

Lesson learned. There ARE little warnings at the bottom, but until now I never noticed. Shouldn't have opened this one at work! (But, I'll finish watching it later!)

I'm still watching it.

I have such a bad memory; I'll have to watch a few more times to understand what they're selling saying.

Every service announcement should be like this caught my attention right awayy

lol I'll do anything Anthony says to me even if he reminds me of colonoscopy check up :)

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