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January 09, 2012


... and perhaps the night, ifkwim.

(Thanks to funny man, who notes unnecessarily, "i thought you'd like this judi")


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(((funny man)))
Has anyone else noticed the blog has a different feel when Dave is away?

Looks like Anna Rexia's brother hasn't been eating his mashed potatoes either.

yeah it does.

like new management taking over the old hangout...


I just wish Dave could hire a look-a-like to sign the books, do the tours, and then keep writing books and
critiquing our submissions...

but then I'm just weird, I guess...

Where's the Indian and the cop?

... um ... n'cin' ... gotta say, not used to considerin' the blog in a tactile way ... IYKWIM ... but ... on second thot ... mebbe I kinda know whut y'all really meant to imply ...

As to the fotos & such ... I sorta thot "Carey Mulligan" wuz an Irish golfer ... guy type ...


"python sneak peeks". A new lexicon is born !

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