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January 27, 2012


Wanna do some mouth spray?

(Thanks to cyberick)


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Will it make your breath minty fresh?

No, MikeyVA, but after a few sprays and a few minutes you won't care.

They are gonna need to sell munchies with them!!!

"Cannabioid Medications?" Is that like a Cabana
Canada boy? Just asking...

They's growin' the pharmaceutical products in "secret locations" in Britain?

Wanna bet the sites are "secret"?

(Din't "Secret Sites" open fer "Larry Flynt & the Smut Kings"?)

I think, from a medical standpoint, that this is great news. Several years ago I watched a friend die with Stage IV breast cancer. She couldn't eat and her pain was constant. Her husband finally had enough and went out and got her some marijuana which she smoked daily. Her pain lessened and she could keep food down. The police knew it. They just asked him not to do the buying in front of them. She died peacefully at the age of 39. Sorry this isn't funny, like most of my other posts, but this really is good news for people who need it. I just hope they don't drag their feet in bringing it to the U.S.

Agreed, n'cin' ... there IS a valid and useful purpose to "drugs" ... it's merely HOW they's used ... if they wuzn't there'd be a LOT of pharmacists outta business, and a lot more Medicine Men (& Women) and Charlatenous Quacks takin' our money ...

Computer monitored - but the computers run reeealy slow. Don't bogart that Binaca my friend, pass it over to me.

I agree with NC. A few years ago I read about the use of heroin in some parts of Europe to ease the pain of terminal disease.
A relative (by marriage) was dead set against this because, she said, "God loves it when we suffer. It makes us noble".
I called BS, and told her if she wanted to suffer, I'd be glad to let her. But she has no right to decide others have to die in pain.
Now, she wonders why I dismiss her efforts to "save" me.

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