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January 28, 2012


Hastings woman reports someone stole her chips, ate her cookies and drank her Pepsi

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Oh my GAWD! And the SWAT Team did NOTHING!

She should have been packing churros.

The cops are looking into it? Prolly not. Btw, do *not* try to take food off this chick's plate at dinner...

*Looks suspiciously at cat*

Sounds as if she got the munchies, but fergot about it ...

Did they check to see if she had any of that MaryJane Mouthspray?

pepsi? guess she didn't mention the missing coke

They need to check the woods for bears.
Heck, look in her bed. There might be one there.

Obviously she has never worked in an office where everyone shares a fridge and these type of crimes run rampant. I worked with an er doctor that thought nothing of stealing your lunch and eating it in front of you.

That's what's wrong with our education system today. Too much time on s*x and dr*gs and not enough on important things, such as Never Leave Your Lunch Box in the Hall.

Goldilocks? Again?

Cindy's right. I don't think my docs are that bad, but coworkers? Oh yeah. I once took a bite out of my sandwich before putting it in the fridge, thinking no one would take it. If only.

If there had been donuts the cops would have been interested. Lunch thief, meh. Donut thief, dastardly.

Donut or doughnut? Mr. Language Person?

Whutever werks @ any given moment, Loud' ...

BTW ... pass me that chocolate one, will ya? Please? The one with the rainbow sprinkles ...


Goodbye, Mr. Chips, don't toss your cookies, there's plenty of pepsi generation to make up the loss.

Police immediately put out this BOLO:

Be On The Lookout for a large Blue Muppet, know by his knickname, Cookie Monster, and Micheal Jackson, or
an MJ impersonator, known for dancing for Pepsi.



In college I had that problem so I made some brownies with chocolate exlax!

My friend left a cat food sandwich for the frig thief once.

MikeyVa, we did something sort of like that to the er doctor. We left some spaghetti in the fridge for about 5 weeks. He was on vacation. He ate it but didn't have any side effects that we know of. He had a cast iron stomach. I snapped after he ate my after Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. I told him turkey's didn't grow on trees and to keep his mitts off my lunch.


Something similar happened in my house on December 24th

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