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January 31, 2012


Short, Mustachioed Man Appears in Students' Living Room; Leaves Business Card

(Thanks to Niraj Bhatt)


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Was this the card?

Hmmmmmm ... "short ... mustachioed ... 60? (I WISH!) ... "

I am REALLY close on this!

Dang! Where'd I leave that card?

hey, she axed him how old he was?? huh?

It wasn't me! Sounds like me, though.

Has some one been tripping and playing Super Mario again?

i suggest it was colonel mustard in the living room


The Imp !


I think some gamers must be users!!

Sorry. I watched too many Winekone (Canadian humorist) videos.

Obviously not Mario.

I would have guess Bob Kescham* next, but he's passed.

*Capt. Kangaroo, old TV personality.

... um ... Keeshan, I think ... NBD ... but I'm prolly older than y'all ...

Bob wuz a WWII war hero on Iwo Jima ... sorta intestin' career choice, eh?

The 2nd. Most Interesting Man in the World.

OK ... haven't checked Snopes, but wiki sez the Iwo Jima part is myth ... tho I sorta kinda recall Lee Marvin on Johnny Carson sayin' that ... unless ... whutever ... but Bob Keeshan wuz a Marine ... that part is right ...

Checked Snopes ... the "Iwo Jima" part is myth ... as it is fer a number of other "famous" folks that've had a completely different personna on screen ... a function of anthropologicalness that's sorta unexplained ...

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