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January 31, 2012


Clothing donation bins spark turf war in Ontario

(Thanks to The Perts) 


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Unfortunately many of the book donation bins are in the same category -- not for guns and knives being pulled, but for the percentage that end up being reused. A lot of folks are terrified of throwing away books for some reason.

I think I saw this on The Sopranos

Story sez that the truckers who haul stuff away can make as much as $200,000/year ... (Canadian, one must surmise) ... how much is that in metric?

O that's about 3 metric hours.

Tnx, Dum' ... I get confused when stuff requires thinkin' north of the 49th ...

they should make a movie: 'good will hunting'


On a serious note, just give the things to the Salvation Army.

I would be irate if I found out clothes I thought I donated to charity ended up making some one wealthy.

I hear " The Untouchables " theme song playing and the announcer's voice droning on about the clothing rackets...

O the U, that is 195,000 Washingtons. If I was an unethical bum, I might quit my job and start my own collection operation.

*snork* @ ligirl

Tnx, Elon ... havin' y'all look up the exchange rate wuz easier than doin' it Moi Ownself ...

Too many bins...

Bin Laden, Bin Hamas, Bin Fishing...

if you get ma drift....

FM - Bin there, done that.

i bin workin' on the raaaaaiiilroad

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