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January 09, 2012


Since Dave's "away on book tour," it's the perfect time for a boring post about technical stuff on the blog.
A lot of things seem to get caught by the spam filter; for instance someone named Karen and someone else sent in the story about the crack jacket... but they didn't show up in the inbox because they used one of those complicated links to the story sent by the newspaper website itself, and apparently that set off the spam filter. Much better to just send the link in the body of the email. (Putting the link in the subject line is another thing that sets off Mr. Spam.) The third major culprit is sending in an email with nothing in the subject line at all.
So, to sum up, this post could have just said: "Be careful what you put in the subject line," and then we could have moved on.


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Will remember that.


Very informative Judi. I promise to always put my link in the body of the email.

The links are pretty cute. The body link has a nice gluteus maximus.

Nice "body," cindy.....

You are such a technical whiz, judi.

Why am I not surprised, anent n'cindy's "link" ... but I din't explore, so I din't see any glutei maximi ... sorry I missed that part ... NOT!

I saw Be Careful What You Put in the Subject Line open for...no, wrong blog reflex. Never mind!

I used to deliver that newspaper for a $1.25 per week

Dave, help! Judi and the Blogettes (wwbagnfarb) have taken over! Come baaaaacccckkkk!!

Damn. I need to go on a book tour.

In order to avoid problems, I use the following in emails.

Subject: No Subject Line

There is a subject line on e-mails?

Improper use of emails is some type of federal crime. Just sayin.

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