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January 26, 2012


Nearly 1,500 Live Turtles Found in Smugglers' Luggage


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I ... um ... got sidetracked becuz it tooken so long to load that item about whatshername "revealin' her small bosom" ... um ... whut wuz the question?

They were pining for the fjords!

This is why they tell you never to leave your luggage unattended while you are waiting for your flight.

*still waitin' for that video to load ... the "small bosom" must be larger than advertised ...*

WTD? "Cleavage-enhancing 'CUTLETS' ..." ...? She's wearin' MEAT?!?!?!

Veal see about that ...

Will we ever get to Jakarta?

When pig-nosed turtles fly!

Turtles? Is that whut their callin' 'em now?

A pig-nosed turtle? Here is a picture

The spawn of Kermit and Miss Piggy??

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