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January 29, 2012


National Mustard Museum gets reprieve

(Thanks to Matt Filar)



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Inquiring minds need to know: Will they be giving free samples?

I like Spicy Brown and/or Deli style. And if I am feeling lucky, will try the Horseradish blend.

But how many mustards are there? Can we buy hot dogs
or brats somewhere along the 'tour'?

Any entreprenuers out there? I also like Grey Poupon, but its' not that special. Sorry.

I've always wondered if marketing a "Gay Poupon" would be successful. There is a "market" for it, methinks.

I prefer "Mean Mister" brand mustard. It tastes like jamming a ten bob note up your nose.

As a former* mustard grower ... or ... "grower of mustard" if one prefers that sort of declension ... I'd encourage everyone to eat more mustard, to help support this most important financial endeavor ...

*we don't farm any more, so we can't grow mustard, except perhaps in a flower bed ...

Here's a great recipe tip:

When your mustard container is almost empty, instead of throwing it out and wasting the last bit of mustard, pour in some good oil, red wine or balsamic vinegar, garlic, and thyme.

Now you have mustard vinaigrette.

Don't try this with YELLOW mustard, though. That's just for hot dogs.

thanks, coconuts!

butt wait -
i don't want poupon my salad

I think 2.45 employees is spreading it thin.

If the National Mustard Museum didn't get money from Stimulus package, just what were we spending our money on?

Snork @ ligirl!

They need to spice it up a little.
Like with nude models and you pour different mustards on them and they roll around on art paper (sold in the gift shop) and wrestle.
Afterwards, you can take the nude models to the ER because have you seen what that stuff does to your naked skin?
Anyway, I'd go.
Man, now I want a hamburger. With plain, yellow mustard.

Maybe if they mustard up enough enthusiasm for the museum, they might ketchup on their debts and get out of a pickle. They need new exhibits; right now it's Dijon vu all over again.

They could also try groupoupon, or getting a seasoned veteran in their marketing department. At one time I thought they were planning to merge with the Spam museum, but I can't find any sauce for that, so I mustard been thinking of some other outfit. I relish the idea of a visit, however.

*wonders shudderingly what a.45 employee at a mustard musuem would look like...*

I have been to the Mustard Museum several times. I think it is an excellent national monument. I think Dave needs to get a t-shirt from their college, "Poupon U".

Barry Levenson is an excellent curator and I would bet that he and the Blog would get along wonderfully.

I really hope they can keep this valuable national treasure open.

Nowhere else can you go and see the only jar of mustard that has been in the Supreme Court.

Has French's surrendered?

This is so unfair! The National Banana Museum in VictorVille, Kalifornia, closed down, yet we have this?

I guess bananas just don't cut the mustard.

But I find them more appealing.

Thanks for the info buddy

Yellow mustard, like Frenches, relieves muscle cramps. It works every time. I take a big spoonful. Some people mix it a glass of water. I think turmeric is the active ingredient. It's great when you wake up in the middle of the night with an aching calve or the arch of your foot.

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