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January 28, 2012


50 Cent promises to post naked picture of his private parts if Giants lose Super Bowl

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I take back anything that might be an "aspersion" at the Brits. We have no claim to "superiority" as Fitty

So what does he get if Giants win? How about a trip to
Great Britian the Sahara?

How do you know funny man? He hasn't released the picture yet ;). I for one just picked a team for the Super Bowl, Go Giants!

Why do people feel the need to do this anyway?

That's -almost- enough to get me to cheer for the Patriots.


You want to see his package David? I agree with Gary. GO GIANTS!

Dang! I was going to do this myself and he beat me to it. Pun intended.

I'm betting his private parts don't add up to two bits.

Thanking my good judgment that I don't have a Twitter account, thereby making it safe to cheer the Pats.

I think that should've read "threatens" rather than "promises".

...soooo....that would be a 50 cent 'piece'?

After the Giants win (And they will!), I bet that "package" gets marked down to a quarter.

I'd offer a penny for his thoughts, but it would be overpriced.

(Go team that plays eight miles from my house!)

When I submitted this, I said, "Cr@p! Now I'll have to root for San Francisco!..."

Ok, he helped me (and several million other guy types) pick my team. GO GIANTS!!!!!

OK, I just decided. GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAJOR whoops!!! I misread.

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SHUDDER*

Merely one more reason I have no interest whutsoever in the super bowl ...

Mr. Softee should run an ad tie-in during the game.

Gotta tweet up the meat
If the Giants get beat
And his pride'll get swallowed
If he don't get followed
Put the cam in his pants
If the end-zone dance
Don't happen for the Giants
With sufficient reliance
To outpace Mr. Brady
Gotta show the lady
How a 50 Cent bet
Can be the biggest loser yet

I had no idea that Meanie could rap.

Yo homie Meanie!

\\  //

On the bright side his Congressional aspirations are now over.

Meanie? Word to yo' mutha.

Another reason to watch the "Puppy Bowl".

I LOVE the PUPPY Bowl. Especially the water bowl cam.

My mutha would have a few choice words for this, mos def.

looking forward to dave's 2 cents on face the nation!

The local paper down here had an interview from Bloomberg with Dave & Alan in which Dave confirmed that he wrote all the raunchiest chapters.


Here it is.

Saw Dave on FTN. That's Dave Barry, Humorist, Historian and Syndicated Communist (But Not In Miami). Dave gave two historical facts: One, Abe Lincoln gave up his TV show to run for president, and two, when Newt was Speaker of the House, he held up a liquor store. (Newt, not Dave.)

Maybe 50 Cent should do the duet with Paris Hilton.

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