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January 25, 2012


Strip club launches 'Alibi' aftershave to recreate scent of the office

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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'honey, your tuxedo smells like sh!t'

- mrs. penguin

This will "mask" the smell of strip clubs?

Why? Whut do strip clubs smell like?

(A cost of 24 Pounds/bottle? That's perty heavy stuff!)

It sez "men can't wait to get their hands on it ..." More like, "they can't wait to get it on their hands ... & other areas, that've been in a strip club" is my thinkin' ... oh ... THAT smell?

I ... um ... had an [deleted] ...

my office often smells like old burned popcorn from the people down the hall who make popcorn every day.... yum. there's something to emulate.

Doesn't everybody come home from the office "ready to rrrrumble!"?

"where have you been? and why are you wearing cologne that smells like crap?"

I love the smell of toner in the morning. (Cue Valkyries)

Nice try but no cigar. Especially if you smell like one.

*agrees w/ cindy*

i'd smell somethin' fishy....

Steve -- More like "ready to grumble ... and fumble" ...

Why does "aftershave" seem like the wrong word for this product?

"Have you been drinking at the office again?"

No, Gary, not today ..... oh, heh, never mind.

'umm, honey? why does your c0ckpit smell like pussy?'



Still no fix for the unexpected discovery of glitter...so I've heard.

No, ligirl ... yer not ...

ligirl ... Y'all KNOW y'all had fun writin' that post ... merely for the "shock" factor ... (as if ennybuddy here could be shocked ...)

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