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January 27, 2012


Woman runs herself over with own car

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Somehow this reminds me of an anatomical impossibility, but she succeeded.

...poor gal....left her tired & exhausted

Thought she could fix it, but she obviously don't know jack.

On the plus side, the car starts now.

(calls wife, finds her sound, breathes sigh of relief)

Who among us hasn't almost done the same thing? Elon, that was my first thought too.

I am so SICK and TIRED of the usage practice that seems to have become "acceptable" when a person says, "He ran me over me with his car ..." (and variations thereof)

The proper sentence structure would be "He ran over me with his car ..."

These are the best in the world, these "professional journalists" ... those who foment such atrocities on the language?

Ask Mr. Language Person. He knows I am correct.

And I do not care if it is the "vernacular" usageness. It is WORNG, and self-named "professionals" should not abet this abuse.

/end rant

BTW, n'cin' ... whom wuz it that mentioned the other day that "women/girls are better drivers than men" ... ? ? ?

(If that wuz on another site ... I apologize fer the implication that it wuz ennybuddy here ... but not much ... it still needed sayin' ...)

OTU: I never promised that I drove better, just that I never pooped on any sort of table.

That was judi, O the U

But she did have convincing evidence.

OK, Ms. Flukey ... Note to self: Flukey = clean table.

Tnx, Elon ... Note to self: judi = um ... whutever ...

(No, if yer "convincing evidence" is no snark, she din't ... she quoted certain statistical documentation ... my premise disputes those very statistics, therefore the use of them to "prove" something is subject to question its validity as an argument ... I think ... if I remember her thoughts correctly ...)

O, maybe men run themselves over less than women do (I've not had any experience on that score), but women are generally less aggressive drivers and have fewer accidents and, statistically speaking, have lower consequence accidents than men do.

That may not jibe with your perception of the men and women you personally observe, but it is what it is, and the insurance rates for women and men differ for that very reason, just as they do for younger vs. older drivers.

OK, M ... I will NOT dispute either of yer two main premises ... whut MUST be disputed is the "statistic" that "proves" young boy drivers are werse than young girl drivers ...

That wuz the ONLY area of any prior conversations with which I disagreed ... tho I'll admit that your "aggressiveness" assertion does lend sum credibility to the practice of charging a larger surcharge for boys than it does for girls, my assessment of this specific facet of the insurance bidness is that the companies have ... faulty data ... by which they reach these conclusions (and surcharge rates) ... (I dislike the idea of bein' more specific in such a public forum, becuz I'm not sure whut the statute of limitations might be on insurance fraud ... or parental displeasure ...)

What about the mouse that was stuck in the ATM? Did it survive?? Strange Inquiring minds want to know!

I thought it was Dave that said that O the U.

My sister had a Basset Hound who regularly ran over himself by getting up a full head of steam and tripping over his own ears.
We always wanted to help and comfort him, but he would get up as cheerful and friendly as ever.
Awesome dogs. Drool a lot, but awesome.

Mebbe Dave did ... but I said it also ... I think ...

Steve -- we've got a Basset (Arthur Guinness) ... he doesn't drool so much, and his ears are a bit shorted than the breed specs might like, so he makes up for those "drawbacks" by shedding ... constantly ...

Yeah, but do male basset hounds drool more .... never mind.

He doesn't drool so much ... but it takes him a long time to whizz ... can't lift his leg to help speed the process, is my best guess ...

Everyone in the family had a trained response when Big Boy, the Basset, would lower his head in a certain way.
Everybody's arms would snap into place, crossed, at shoulder level.
Could have been taken as a religious ritual, but actually, Big Boy was about to shake off the drool. And he could fling it all the way to the ceiling.
Thus, the face protection.
Also, he was a licker. Cleaned my tonsils a time or two.

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