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January 25, 2012


Texas woman stranded for five days in Idaho wastewater pond

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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The car will have to be burned.

It's too bad she had waived the optional dairy wastewater pond vehicle removal coverage.

5 days in a car? eeek - that must've been some stinky dairyair

There was probably enough methane in the air that she could have "lit one off" as a signal for help.

I may be wrong but, I think the 'stay with your car' rule only applies during a blizzard.

Lookin' for a hotel?

Follow the smell ...

(Nah, the rental outfit won't burn the car ... they'll merely send me an email tellin' me that they've got a "specially-priced bargain" in a used car ...)

A video on this may be more effective to 16 year old driver's ED students than the blood-n-guts type. THIS is why you drive slowly.

"A Texas woman lost her way and ended up stuck in a dairy drainage pond for about five days.."

In Idaho? Talk about no sense of direction!

Apparently, ubet' ... they don't have sewage lagoons in Texas ...

Hope they have a version of 'Alias' to mask this smell.

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