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January 09, 2012


Chloe will be involved.

(Thanks to Emily Tobin, Jeff Brown, and funny man)


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Seems to me this should be in 24.

The movie listings will be slightly confusing, given there is one screening per day.

Yay Chloe! I'm charging my taser NOW!

Seriously, a 24 movie makes perfect sense. They never had more than 90 minutes worth of actual plot any given season anyway.

I hope to God they have bar facilities and wireless in the theatres. There HAS to be blogging during the showing. When Jack asks for a "perimeter" there will be a stampede for the merlots and the Freddy Fuddpuckers.

Please tell me that'll be Chloe's "uniform" in the movie.


blogging, no, texting maybe. I hope Dave can publish a parody synopsis of this very important
cinematic history!

Will there be a guest appearance by the Remainders...?

Chinese will resurrect Edgar, Bill, President Allstate, Handbag, Michelle and the guy in the wall as zombie terrorists.

Paging The Amazing Steve!

I'm disturbed by all the calls to bring back Awwwdrey in the comments at the linked article.

Please, no, in the name of all that is holy...

SO what?

They have to have an evil bitch a love interest for Jack.

But I wish it was Chloe, who was under appreciated and probably underpaid.

Plot: Do not make Jack mad. Oh, my God, you made Jack mad. 200,000 terrorists and one sleaze ex-President dies.

Tony's already been resurected once. Just sayin....

Chloe who? Bring back Tony!!

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