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December 29, 2011


'Dogs love marijuana' says non-local vet

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Who doesn't?

Otherwise, a basset hound would beat a greyhound in a race, right?


Dog-snarfing Humans WBAGNFARB.

Woof. Double woof.

ANd Scooby-snacks were baked with MaryJane? That also explains why Shaggy looked stoned. I think he ate them
regularly. "ZOIKS!!!" means "I'M High and alarmed!"

A "non-local" vet? Is this to avoid tarnishing the reputation of the Atlanta veterinary community???

It's the squirrels that are giving it to them


That explains Joey.
And the son of a bitch (normal usage-look it up) won't give me any.

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