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December 29, 2011


"Congratuations on your big hooters."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The "huh?" was for pypetad eating my first comment, which was "NTTAWWT, of course."

Get a load of the other guys glancing at her assets.

Congratulations, indeed! Freud would be proud.

So that's who got one of those Boob Job gift certificates!!!

The camera person wisely didn't zoom in on her, but even from that distance those teeth are whiter than a 100w light bulb. So I'm willing to place a bet she might have done some other work also, which led to him showing his Fredian slip.

I'm sure she had a thing or two to say to him when he got back to the station. I also noticed the other news guys glancing at her chest. Men.

Goodnight, David. Goodnight, Chest -- uh, Chet.

Right, nc - blame the guys, and say nothing about how she leans back, arches her back, and thrusts her boobs up and out. If they could talk they'd be saying, "Look at me, look at me!" Not that I noticed.

She thanks you.
And the twins thank you.

Remember the classic 'Beach Party Meets Star Wars' skit on SNL with Gilda and Carrie Fisher?

Gilda - "I'm Annette, this is my boyfriend Frankie, and these are my breasts."
Carrie - "Hi. Hi. (looks at Gilda's boobs) Hi."

I couldn't be sure whether the guy was congratulating "Erin"...ie, the lady, or "Aaron", ie, one of the two guys on the set. Per this link,
http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8389510/weatherman-big-hooters-slip, it was one of the guys. So why is the woman so embarrassed? Is it because her hooters are not as big as one of the men with her? The guy named Aaron is the one who should be embarrassed!

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