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December 31, 2011


Nikkei Women is predicting that Japanese women will be embracing the latest Korean cosmetic trend: a beauty cream called Prestige cream d’escargot made from snail entrails that is all the rage in Seoul.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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They are big on garlic too. Perfect

Who would have thought we'd have seaweed in our ice cream?
Snail guts are way worse than seaweed except when you're waist deep in the surf and those mystery tentacles reach out and grab your calf and you jump up and look and THANK GOODNESS it's only snail guts.

Steve, I don't swim anywhere there are tentacles. I had a fish brush my ankle once in the ocean and I almost walked on water to get back to the beach.

This is slightly o/t but, are we going to see a column recapping 2011 this year Dave? I sure hope so. I always look forward to the gift guide and the year in review columns. If the Mayan calendar is right you may only have one other opportunity to write it. Back o/t.

Dear Japan,

Seriously, WTF?!

Yours truly,

The Rest of the World

They renamed it "Prestige" after "Revulsion" showed marginal sales volume.

" Products " ( just had to say the word all women's beauty preparation ads are obsessed with ).

Cindy -- Washington Post tomorrow:

Year in Review

Cindy, fear is a precious resource that shouldn't be wasted on things that worry but can't hurt us. You don't want to run out when you finally, really need it.
I know people so filled with fear, they miss out on most of life. What a waste. I've been friends with spiders and was gratified when they lost their fear of me.
Face life with gentle self-assurance and very few things in nature are likely to hurt us.
People scare me more than the rest of nature because they hide their natures with more ease.

"a beauty cream called Prestige cream d’escargot made from snail entrails"

Gack. Honest to pete, if a Sat Night Live writer had tried to incorporate such an improbable item in a skit, s/he would have been hooted out of the room.

Lovely ones
Its all relative of course.
This has to be a step above nightingale poop facials.

Wait, am I the only one who saw Snail's Entrails open for Jethro Tull back in '79?

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