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December 29, 2011


A Chinese man spent $16,000 for a virtual sword.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody, who's guessing the man is single)


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I'm thinking of launching a massive multi-player game called "Age of Reason," in which a fictional universe is ruled by an omnipotent though extremely boring character called Voltaire, with his sidekicks Candide and Pangloss. Players have to amass points for thinking, especially before paying $16,000 for anything at all, let alone a goddamn virtual sword.

I agree that sure is a lot of money for a sword.Kind of dumb. He must be one of the rich since a lot of stuff is made in China and is paid at about 10Cents a hour labor. Where did he get his money?

Guessing he didn't pay that much for the virtual girlfriend.

Apparently you can save a lot of money living in your mother's basement.

Sadly, I think you're gonna need to pull the "massively" from that description, Omni.

Confucius says: Mother who has son that blows money like this should kick his honorable behind out of her house.

Why settle for a virtual copy? A real sword is only 40-500 dollars.

So true Elon. When I was about 14 we went to China and I have two Chinese swords that I would have happily sold him for $16,000.

Perhaps he is overcompensating for the sword he wields in real life?

For a lot less, you can get a hack to let you use a virtual machine gun.

plantman, I'm thinking that real life sword ain't even a dagger.

Ah, Mateys, I don't care a fig about the cutlass. But you can bring me the wench in the middle o' that photograph.

*waves to Omniskeptic* Welcome to the asylum blog!

Steve! Welcome, eh bored? ;)

The world needs more PirateTalk!!!!

(And wasn't "cutlass" how they removed the coke hidden in the backside of the Italian super-model?)

I bet his password will soon be changed to "ID-10-T" (I often hear our helpdesk say "Eye Dee Ten Tee" as the new temporary password to a clueless user, aka boss/managers)

All your sword are belong to us.

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