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December 28, 2011


Yeti finger mystery solved by Edinburgh scientists

Most Fascinating Section:

The finger, which was said to be from a yeti, was taken from a Nepalese monastery by an American explorer in the 1950s. He replaced it with a human finger he had been given by a British scientist.

The yeti finger was taken from a Nepalese monastery by an American explorer in the 1950sIt was then smuggled out of India with the help of Hollywood actor James Stewart, who hid the artefact in his wife's lingerie case.

(Thanks to Karen in Panama City)

Wait a Minute: "...a human finger he had been given by a British scientist"???


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Interesting factoid: Jimmy Stewart was my stepdad's (bomber pilot) commanding officer in WWII.

Stewart: "Now-now-now just a gol-derned minute here, Harvey! You want me to hide WHAT--WHERE??! You must be out of you're cotton-pickin mind!"

Sure, Dave. You and I and other geezers may have traded baseball cards in our respective youths. British scientists trade fingers.

Now they can get onto the mysteries of fish and chicken fingers.

I'm sure Mrs. Stewart was not thrilled to have a DEAD FINGER amongst her unmentionables.....

So who gave them the finger?

Not even Animal Planet ... etc., etc.

I'm betting it was a damned long time before Jimmy ever saw that lingerie in action again.

That's the last time the Yeti gives anyone the finger!

And typical...the scientist, not brave enough to "express himself" with his own hand, gives them someone else's finger?

I suppose it's too late for the ER doctors to reattach?

Imagine if Jimmy had given "the finger" to that old, mean Mr. Bailey...

(he probably wouldda been shot)

They smelled his yeti finger. Ewwww.

Curses, foiled yeti gain.

Pull my finger...

"He replaced it with a human finger he had been given by a British scientist." Ouch. That had to hurt!

I think I'd stay away from someone who routinely carries spare human body parts with him.
"Hey, you need a fingah? I got 'em. This here one is a left pinkie. Hahdly eva used.
Hey, come back!"

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