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December 31, 2011


Man claims he was fired to make room for ‘hot chicks'

(Thanks to to Joe in Japan)


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Bullet note.

• Man illegally brings gun into bar, gets injured in a fight, then sues bar for not searching him for a weapon (in Pennsylvania)


WHERE are the photos?

Some editors and reporters should be fired for incomplete reporting without photos.

What's the problem?
After the first two rounds, any available female approaches "hot chick" status.

Mixed emotions, since I am of course a guy I would not want to be fired for my genderdittidy, but if I go into a bar I rather be served by a hot chick any day. Would probably drink a whole lot more.

By the way, in case you can't tell I just made that word up. You have not already had too much new year cheer.

I'm surprised that you feel the same way I do about the pictures funny man. I'd like to see some pictures of the guy in question too.

" Sorry, dude. The ' All Michael Moore Lookalike ' bartender format never caught on. "

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