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December 31, 2011


Uganda is running out of grasshoppers.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Ralph)


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Roy Acuff. We need him.

How about Buddy Holly and the Crickets, too?

The fact that beer was involved makes this worthy of international intervention. I'd send in these guys.

hey, we could invite the Cowsills, The Animals, the Crickets, the Beatels (a tribute band), and even the great Hong Kong Group Grasshoppers....and call it

Bug 'N Beer Aid!!!

Let's Do It!!

First, there's not enough vodka or beer.
Second, grasshoppers aren't entirely stupid.
When my kids kept wanting me to find grasshoppers to feed to the spiders around the house, the insects vacated pronto.
And, yes, my daughters routinely keep large orb-web spiders around their houses as semi-pets.

Makes perfect sense to me. You can't have beer without hops.

Sign Ted Nugent -- they'll have plenty of feral hogs, anyway, even if they're out of grasshoppers.

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