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December 29, 2011


Shopping While Intoxicated nets online gains

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Shopping While Intoxicated opened for KAty Perry, I believe.

Wiped & Swiped. Charge of the Lite Beer Brigade.

Isn't that the whole idea behind QVC & ShopAtHome?

Nothing else can explain their sales SUCCESS to me.

Stupidest use of the word "healthy" in an article, perhaps ever: "Post-bar, inhibitions can be impacted, and that can cause shopping, and hopefully healthy impulse buying."

I think they mean "healthy" in the sense of "large" or "copious". Y'know, like how Dolly Parton has sometimes been described as "very healthy"?

I wonder what percent of the human race is due to "Post-bar, inhibitions" ?

"Shopping under the influence has long benefited high-end specialty retailers ..."

Pun intended?

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