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December 06, 2011


'24' Might Start Shooting in April 2012 With Kiefer Sutherland Back as Jack Bauer

(Thanks to funny man)

Related seasonal flashback item here.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Is there anyone else who thinks these quotes sound questionable?
still looking for a suitable director to tackle the helming duty. .. Bomback has been taped to polish

" '24' might start shooting" I just love a Pun!

He'll return if Chuck Norris SAYS he can.

Steve, The 24 hour guy, is in line for tickets already. I may join him.

I bet there is already a spot cleared off at my local DVD shop for this movie....

Wait. It's not a direct-to-video joke?



Stop teasing us Dave! We have to figure out how we can all go to the movie at the same time in different towns, all come online and blog about it simultaneously.

And sneaking perimeter drinks into the theatre is no small crime ArticAl. We may need to start a bond pool to assist those bloggers arrested.

I've already written the summary of the plot:

Sad, Lonely Jack. Terrorist plot. Explosion. Large SUVs. President does something weasel-like. Jack yells. Perimeter constructed. Someone speaks with a foreign accent, but you can't quite tell where it's from. Edgar still dead. Bigger explosion. Shocking plot development. Black helicopters. Huge city with no traffic. Chloe creates computer out of cotton balls. Jack saves the day. Maintenance man finally finds out what's been causing the smell in the air-ducts from the final season.

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