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December 05, 2011


Ugandan works on space project from mother's backyard

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Key quote:
The Skyhawk still lacks an engine and Uganda does not yet have any trained astronauts. Nsamba says that he will have to both train and certify them himself.

What could possibly go wrong?

All I get is the Google page. When I search for the story, I find it. Then I try to get it in, all I get is the Google page.
I wish I knew how to use this Internet thing.

Space..the Final Nerdy Frontier

Yea, I donated to that, or was that the Nigerian space project...

No engine? No problem.

Okay, I got blanked trying to find a babelfish type site to translate 'to boldly go..' into Bantu.

My second thought is to make a snarky comment along the lines of 'I hope it doesn't run out of coal.' But deep in my heart, I think this is kinda cool.

He should have talked to Credo Mutwa, a Zulu elder who "didn't need no stinkin shapeship" to go into space.

Could have saved a lot of time and energy. Jus sayin'...

I think this is great! He may never actually get it into space but at least he's working towards his dream.

btw, Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer in his parents garage.

Corporate sponsorship would help him get there faster, NC. Just saying...

He might even be able to drop pens, coupons, samples...hopefully, no turkeys...on his fellow citizens in return...

A great soundtrack would be Alan Parson's "Eye in the sky"....

"The craft named the African Skyhawk, which looks like a bulky glider with a wingspan of 10 metres"

He does know there is no air in space, right? Just checking.

First passenger should be the spammer. Just sayin'

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