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December 28, 2011


Cheetah is gone.

(Thanks to The Perts and RussellMc)


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Alas, we are stuck with a Newt.

RIP Cheetah.

Figures. Cheetahs never prosper.

Amazing that he lived to 80 when the average age is more like 45. And he could still hit passersby with feces from 30 feet away. What a guy!


I think he might have outlived everyone else on the show.
Must remember to eat more bananas.

Is "Boy" still alive? That was his name, wasn't it?
Did somebody sprain his imagination on that one?

Steve, Johnny Sheffield (who played Boy) died just over a year ago, at 79.

boy oh boy...
...oh boy

Guys! Am I the only fruitcake person that listens to "Wait Wait DOn't Tell Me" on NPR?

They debunked this story about four months ago. It turns out that although the ape was named Cheetah, it was NOT the same ape as appeared in the Hollywood movies with Johnny Weissmuller. It was a fraud!

Google it and / or Google "Wait Wait". anyway, some
"cheetahs" never win!

As Paul Harvey used to say, here's the rest of the story.

It does lend credibility to that supposed Operation Mockingbird, however.

Tarzan never visited Cheetah in his later years due to the unfortunate "Jane incident".

It was Tarzan, the ape man(Cheetah), and Jane.

What a kinky jungle trio.

When Boy "showed up", Tarzan kicked Cheetah out.

Dejected and rejected, Cheetah started drinking:
Banana Martinis, Highballs, and a jungle version of
Ripple. His liver gave out, and Cheetah died in 1939.

Tarzan did not attend the funeral.

Thank you, Jeff.
Why don't we ever see any of these movies on television, anymore?
Speaking of Edgar Rice Burroughs, I saw that a movie about John Carter of Mars is coming out.
I read that book once, taking notes. Do you realize that in the entire adventure, John Carter never eats, sleeps, or goes to the bathroom?
This bothers me.

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