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December 31, 2011


Rare 'faceless and brainless' fish seen off UK coast

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Even with what has become the spiraling out of control squirrel population, Los Angeles welcomes all faceles and brainles fish to the commmunity.

But it is a fully qualified Florida driving instructor.

This fish would be a good member of Congress. Unfortunately, since it has a backbone, it couldn't be a Democrat.

I for one welcome our brainless overlords.

-- Tea Party Member

I'm sorry, and a little confused.

Are we talking about Congress or fish?

Stev0, you're wrong..having a backbone disqualifies it from holding office, no matter what "slant" or "spin"....

Amphioxus is not a fish; it's an ancient animal that was once thought to be a primitive brainless vertebrate, and therefore a human ancestor (Snooki?)

Sam Hinton recorded a 1920's song about it in the 1960's; listen here. If you're not familiar with the terminology, there are annotated lyrics on flounder.com.

I used to fish specifically for these creatures but I found them too crafty.

i thought they were perfect for congress. oh wait, AS congress.

Robert Reich sightings are common these days.

Send them to Parliament.

Just Mitt Romney, taking some time off from campaigning.

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