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December 28, 2011


U.K. town sprays manure to keep away rowdy youths

(Thanks to The Perts)


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The idea's are endless. Being married to a cop I do have an endless supply of pig poop.

A crappy idea.

Due to my strict policy, I'm not going to tell what my cousin's malamute found in a county park -- except to say that he came proudly trotting out of the woods, holding it crossways, like a ... bone.

To my knowledge, the county hasn't resorted to anything like this to keep people from doing whatever it was they were doing. If you know what I mean. Nudge, nudge, grin, grin, wink, wink, say no more.

What exactly is " a pong"? I think I know what a bong is. These language differences confound and confuse!

How very Brit, still treating kids like "sh**.

(cue soundtrack, "Another Brick ion the Wall, by Pink Floyd...")

But I guess it did work. But who said the kids were gangs?

Washington does not need more manure, although pigshit might be an improvement over chickenshit.

We've got the corner on all forms of sh!+ in DC. Maybe we can export it and do the world (at least us) some good. The war on drugs turned to it.

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