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December 28, 2011


If you have a child who's really into computers at an early age -- figuring out how to do things you had no idea the computer could do, writing elaborate programs when he's seven years old, that kind of thing -- one day you might wake up to discover that your child, now a grown man, is doing stuff like this.

Update: Because I am an idiot not as computer literate as my son, I posted a bad link the first time. 


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He's working for the WSJ?

Tell him if Murdoch comes for a visit, he should hide under his desk clutching his wallet with his cell phone turned off.

Otherwise, great news!

i can toot my horn too. on christmas morning i gave each of my children one of those 'noise putty' things - a plastic cylinder filled with a viscous goop - you stick your finger in and it makes 'a rude noise'. so for a spell on christmas morning all three of them (20, 18 and 15) sat giggling and making rude noises while their mother sighed and shook her head. a proud moment.

Trade you.
One of mine figured out how to give out a (my) credit card number over the Internet. She is now reformed and I'm proud of her.

Bidding farewell to Kim Jong Il? Remember, in the end there can be only Un.

The Barrys must be so proud to have a professional writer in the family!

I actually liked the other link, since it yielded yet another band name: Russia's Dubious Vote. Saw 'em open for Occupy Poughkeepsie.

Your son dummied up the Russian vote for Putin? That's come pretty sick computer skills.

Oh, he helped write the story. Never mind.

Awwww... I remember when he was a dinosaur. :)

Ms. Flukey...I remember it as if I had been one of the slightly dismayed European tourists edging away from him on the beach. Dave plants solid memories:)

P.S. Dave...I don't know if you caught the Kennedy Center honors last night, but your very favorite singer, whom you worship at the altar in your living room, was honored for having written what (judging from the production) was a lifetime total of three (3) songs.

Dave, you actually allowed your son to be a _journalist_? Don't you know there is no future in writing, and no one makes a decent living at it?

But book writers, on the other hand, can make tons of money (Think Tom Clancy). Heck, Dave, you could probably write better than he does, with one hand!

(OK, that's not saying much, but still...)

So, a book co-written by both father and son Barry would be a great gift for 2012! Working title: "I Barry Made It"? Or not.

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