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December 21, 2011


...at Kim Jong-Il looking at things.

(Thanks to Gregg in Austin)


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How impressive!

But not nearly as all those troops (ordered to?) cry in front of the cameras.

Kim Il Jong was clearly hated loved
...something...take your pick.

I bet if they had him stuffed, no one would know the difference, He wore those terminator glasses everywhere.

Got to wonder what he is looking at now?

Maybe he was stuffed for the last few years and the stuffing came out and they had to tell everyone he was dead?

Farewell, Earthlings.

@Oldfatguy: Inspecting brimstone production.

"Can I help you?"
"Just looking"

Who's that a**h*le behind those Foster-Grants? Wonder if they issue sunglasses to protect your eyes from flames in H*ll!

I think he's looking at a very long time in a very hot place.

funny man,

But not nearly as all those troops (ordered to?) cry in front of the cameras.
Ordered? I imagine the most impressive got extra food rations...

I have a feeling that Kim Jong-ll is getting to know his way around he!!. His tour guides are probably Bin Laden, Kadafi, and Sadam Hussein. Hitler was his intake worker. Good riddance.

Spiny Norman: Most would probably weep copiously for SOME food rations.

Where are the photos of Kim John 'Big' Un looking at stuff?

Hope he's not too busy playing with his nukes.

Word has it Dear Leader will be succeeded by Brilliant Comrade.

Hmmm, the internet country code for North Korea is .kp

Now he's looking at the inside of a box. Hope he likes the view.

Here's looking at you, Kim...

Peasant under glass?

How come you never saw pictures of him 'looking' at:
- Tyranny
- Poverty
- Injustice
- Famine
you know, the things that were really going on in his country?

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