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December 25, 2011


Cannabis Christmas tree lands man in jail

(Thanks to Ralph)


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O Tannebbaum? Nah. Classical Grass

If Cheech and Chong say it's a tree, it's a tree, man.

♪ Angels we have heard on high...♪

Oh, not that kind of high?

Sorry. Got any munchies?

Oh, Tannenbummer.

As a Jew I don't know how to join in the puns. [If it was a coca plant, you could say he was dreaming of a white Chistmas, but alas]. But Merry Christmas, everybody.

I saw Cannabis Christmas Tree open for Bob Marley.

Gee, I wonder why? I could just see it now the fella would pluck some leaves and roll one up while admiring his Christmas tree. It could be on a new sitcom.

Now we know what causes the immense appetite for cookies.

So that's how Santa flies around the world, with a little help from reindeer tripping on magic mushrooms.

Elon, way back when I was teaching a class in Hebrew at a synagogue in exchange for lessons at a more advanced level, we had a child who was from a mixed marriage.
Her grandfather told us one day that she just couldn't wait for Hanukkah Claus to come.
I couldn't decide if someone should straighten her out or if it was the next big thing in retail.

I heard an interpretation once that said the reindeer were 'fly'...meaning Santa was into bestiality and kink. Funny thing, though, you never hear about Mr. and Mrs. Santa announcing their child's birth....

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