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December 26, 2011


THE people at  Severn Trent’s sewage treatment works in Monkmoor, Shrewsbury, have showcased a job lot of dentures recovered in the system.

If you believe you may have lost your dentures in the Severn Trent sewage system, you can look for them here.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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How many were clamped on an iPhone when they were recovered?

finally a tough story with some teeth!

too bad you didn't include a poll with this one Dave. the question? Would you rather wear false teeth from the sewer or listen to that song?

One of the unfortunate aspects of my mother's last days was that she kept putting parts of herself on the nursing home food trays. Altsheimer's is not kind.
She left what we referred to as her upper "choppers" on the tray and, in a move that really endeared her to the newer employees, she kept leaving her left (glass) eye on the tray. The tray seemed to be looking at them.
Eventually it disappeared, perhaps evaporating a little bit each day as my mother seemed to do.
She has been gone long enough now that I can begin to see some humor in the situation.

This was in very poor taste. Or so I imagine (and not very happily, at that....).

(Steve - not directed at you, as your comment wasn't there when I posted.)

How many people who have, actually, lost their dentures in the Severn Trent sewage system are prepared to admit it? That would take a bit of courage, or at least a very acute resistance to mockage.

Didn't " The Dentures " used to do surf music...?

If you see a pair with a gold eye tooth with an emerald shamrock inlay, let me know, ok?

Thanks, Meanie.
She's been gone a long time now and Altsheimers doesn't give a hoot about a person's dignity.

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