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December 26, 2011


A Rock Island man was shot in his lower right leg and ankle when a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, which several people were passing around inside a house and posing with for pictures, discharged and struck him, Moline police said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Hold my beer. Lookit this."

IL should require an IQ check as well as a backround check for gunbuyers. in this case just to make sure who ever owned this gun had one, an IQ i mean.

Doesn't everyone play Russian roulette with a shotgun?

Every family has a Jack Bauer wannabe.

I thought I was pretty smart until the evening when I shot the windshield out of my car.
Bet he feels the same way.
BTW, a gun-shot is really, really loud inside a car with the windows rolled up. Except for the one you just shot out.

um, duh, bozo.

Silent night, holy night
All were bombed, not too bright.
Round yon 12-gauge, barrel they'd kiss.
"Hold my beer, and just you watch this".
Sleep incarcerated peace.
Sleep incarcerated peace.



Touching *sniff*, Meanie.

Tragically, police have determined that the shooting was an accident and that it did not remove the victim from the gene pool. Mike Royko is typing in his grave.

And it says " Not to be used as a Viewmaster " right on the box. Sheesh !

Next on the schedule: Russian Roulette with a Glock.

No wonder East Moline is replacing Rock Island as the 4th city.

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