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December 29, 2011


I am often asked why I like Miami. If you go here, you can listen to a podcast of a recent Miami-based radio show in which I attempt to explain myself. Or, you could do something productive. The choice is yours!


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Great interview Dave. One of these day's I'm going to visit South Florida. Just as soon as I get my passport updated. btw, I've seen an awful lot of older drivers with Florida plates lately. Their driving doesn't improve when they're out of state either.

Free time has not been one of my job percs the last few years, so it was a pleasure to have the time to listen to that for a change.

For Miami I was there for a few days 10 years ago. Saw what I wanted to see, don't need to go back.

Great interview... It almost makes me want to visit the place. Other than the hurricanes.

Loved the interview. I'd love to visit Miami one day. We have the huge Latino community here (besides Tijuana) in San Diego too, but I'm not sure I could deal with the bugs. Thankfully nothing but humans living off of a heavily engineered environment can exist here.

I went to college at the U back in the late 80's. I have some fond memories of Miami. The gunshots while pumping gas and being sent home early from work due to pending riots are among my favorites.

Sigh.....I miss Miami and all the perks that came from living there.

Broward County, Florida: All of the disadvantages of Miami but with a nicer airport.

Couldn't get past the hostess being so far off-mic but I'm sure Dave's part was good.

Or, you could do something productive. The choice is yours!

But Dave, you've only given us two Productivity Enhancers all year.

What? No mention of Dave's appearance on Wait, wait, don't tell me this weekend?

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