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December 28, 2011


Never, ever, EVER click here.

("Thanks" to Jeff Meyerson)


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The Lorena Bobbitt of fish.

Can think of nothing to write except...

[In falsetto voice] OUCH.

Why don't I listen?

Didn't they wear their swimming trunks like I told them?

What, what?

What or whom did he use for bait?

Also known as the 'ex-wife's lawyer fish'.

Mark. Look at your gender. Now RE-answer that question. :P

This should spawn a new artificial lure: the dangling testicle.

My thoughts exactly Diva. Heck, I'm a woman and I'm not going to click on the link.

Oh, you know you want to, cindy.

May I remind you of the Do Not Click This Link Tag ?

Oh sure, I suppose I'll have to make this post a little bit longer to convince your System that this is not sp*m because of the long link. In reality, sp*mmy links could be long rather than short, but that would be one way to fool the botz.

It didn't work.


not funny, but i saw an episode of 'river monsters' where the fishing dude went after the "ball cutter" and caught one and in the meantime interviewed the locals and pretty much exposed this story as bunk.

so rest easy men. no icthyological castration today.

*struggles with concept of "icthyological castration"*

Yeah, it might all just be an urban legend. But I wouldn't go swimming there, until we are sure.

Doesn't surprise me that Jeremy Wade's involved. He gets in the water with the monsters that ate the monsters under my bed. If I fished where he fishes I'd be wearing kevlar hip waders.

Wonder if he's ever caught one of those spiny fish that swim up the male urethra...?

I used to be married to one....

That is why you never, ever should serve fish balls.

You don't know whose where they've been.

Isn't it amazing what some of these fish can do. Nice teeth.

Where there's one testicle-eating fish, there are bound to be more. Just sayin'.

Pacu are from South America, not New Guinea, although they are farmed world wide. They do like nuts.

Someone introduced them to Papua New Guinea.

I didn't even get past the first sentence!

Thanks, Ralph. Who said the blog isn't educational?

If that's a 40-pound fish, there had better be a whole lot more behind that head than it looks like.
He didn't look too healthy.
Maybe he needs some heart testes.

I don't see the problem. Women can swim without fear, right?

They could have at least brushed its teeth for the photo.

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