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December 26, 2011


Dennis Hof's newest Southern Nevada business venture, The Area 51 Alien Cathouse, will see him reopen a rundown brothel with a new science fiction theme promising potential customers 'girls from another planet'.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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I am shocked...that no one thought of this before.

Hot damn. Kirk's green girlfriend and Yeoman Rand. Up and ready to beam, Scotty.

To boldly go where no man has gone before.

I thought "convenience store" WAS another word for "brothel".
You can pick up anything there but it will cost you.

* waiting for obligatory Uranus joke *

watch out for the STA's....Sexually Transmitted Aliens!

Dibs on the Vulcan chick from the "Enterprise" series. Oooh, and the new Uhura from the movie. They'll take Federation Credits, right?

I'll take 7 of 9 for $300 an hour, Alex.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass accepted?

Mars girls are easy.

Hof looks like the kind of guy who wood would insist on performing Personnel duties himself.

All good choices, gentlemen, but my first choice would be the Orion girl who was Uhura's roommate. Once you've gone green, you'll never go back! ;)

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