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December 28, 2011


Now: A sock.

(Thanks to [not surprisingly] Unholy Slacker and Allen at Division)


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Looks more like Frank Zappa to me.

That's why Anthony Weiner wanted everyone to check out his Fruit of the Wombs.

I was going to say Hannibal Lecter, but Zappa is good.

She hung it up to dry?
Meaning it was washed?
That's one dirty looking sock.
My clean socks are much whiter.
just sayin'

Who is that looking over His shoulder?

I think somebody's been sniffing the fabric softener again.

Jeff, Jeff. Hannibal doesn't have enough hair.

Coconuts, you should see my roommate's socks. The man wears them outside and probably doesn't change them for 3 days at a stretch. The only time they are white is when they're still in the package. The begin to dim the moment he slips them on.

I was gonna say "looks like alleged vampire Nick Cage" with a goatee.

Why is the Mail so snoopy poopy Gullible?

Cancel my "subscription" and send me a lifetime refund!

He gets around doesn't he? Now he is into socks.

Repent and stench no more.

Diva, being the laundry nazi that I am, I'd have to take over the laundry duties...but, that's probably what he'd want, right blogguys?

The Holy Sock of Turin.

Father, Son and Hosiery Ghost.

Jesus is love and Love Stinks, Oh Yeah.

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