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December 28, 2011



(Thanks to funny man)


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Apparently, the actual alien ball in Namibia was dropped by the European Space Agency, and they knew it would hit the ground intact, but didn't care.


The link about Tyler Perry buying American Airlines and renaming it "African-American Airlines" is even funnier.

And all it cost him is $5 billion dollars!

Zeeba balls keep falling on my head,
Just 'cause the Gootans invaded,
so it's said,
Nothing seems too weird,
Oh, I'll never stop balls from raining by complaining.
And so I'll flee
No one's probing me.

This is clear evidence of the existence of alien Pacu fish.

Be afraid...

Call me what you will, but I consider the Weekly World News no less of a credible news agency than the New York Times.

Did anyone see the sidebar, "How to sell your soul to the Devil"?
I didn't read it. It's the political season and he's probably getting them cheap.

I haven't visited Planet Zeeba since the sixties.

you effin' ohs

"The balls seem to be designed to avoid striking any humans. They are friendly balls.” However, do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Gee, I though Zeeba was an ex-Mossad agent on TV's NCIS.

I didn't know she was a country planet!

The things you learn on the internet!

Ralph *Snork* Happy Fun Ball.

See that's what happens when you won't build the fence around the Earth. Next Zeebans will be doing jobs Earthlings won't.

Where are the Time Lords when you need them?

Important update here

I still say they're empty alien beer kegs...

Hydrazine Bladder Tank is Eminem's new group. Ted Nugent is on drums.

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