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December 25, 2011




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Who cares about Santa? We want to know more about that cute elf to his left!

Santa's slim-fast diet is working!

Was the "boat" pulled by 8 rein-crocs?

And his helpers sure beat 8 smelly reindeer!

Wait a minute... There's something phony about that. I don't think it's the real Santa.

Santa does look kind of thin. Maybe warm too as he isn't wearing shoes.

He had to slim down because of what they call "chimneys" in Miami.
Don't you guys ever think?

Row, Ho, Ho your boat gently down the stream.

Because of various cursor blips on my screen, I read the headline as "Santa Arrives by Boa".

Given your Florida reptile history, it made perfect sense.

That isn't Santa's purse I hope.

I bet this was playing as he sailed in.

He's probably packin' and I don't mean the bag.

What kinda boat?

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