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December 29, 2011


Hi Dave,
I would LOVE to write a guest post for your blog. After looking through your archives, I think an article on “Frugally Fantastic Holiday Food Preparations" would be outstanding for your audience.
If you like that topic, I'll start working on it right away! Or I can think of another one.
Thank you!


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I think she's been getting into the dog's marijuana, IYKWIM.


How about one on "Inedible Frugally Fantastic Holiday Food Preparation". Alpo mousse, roasted snakehead, Miami boa fillet for 30.

A post on Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam would be welcome.

Her proposed topic needs more toilet. It wouldn't be a good name for a rock band.

This is false...um...marketing.

Because if she really did "think", she'd know not to write such an absurdist spew.

Probably the old shotgun approach looking for a gig.
Doesn't always work. Used it myself when I was a naive teenager.

The holidays are also almost over for a month or so.
Timing is everything!!!

"After looking through your archives," which I clearly did NOT do....

In all fairness Diva, she didn't say she had actually read anything in the archives.

It starts off so alliterative, and then it peters out. May I suggest Frugally Fantastic Festival Food Formations?

Desperate half-wit seeks exposure, any exposure, even as a bandit in Australia if necessary.

Dave should have an auto-reply for this kind of thing, pointing out that the sure way onto this blog is to do something asinine in public, preferably with stills or video associated. Crashing your car into something in Florida is always good, as is garnering media coverage with a headline that sounds like a rock band.

What are you guys talking about?
SHE MADE THE BLOG, didn't she?
Ha! I got posted! I got posted!

I wonder if Booger Burgers are on her menu.

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