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December 29, 2011




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Dave wrote a book?

I mean, Dave wrote a book!

(It's certainly on my list.)

I know Alan Zweibel, but who's that other guy?

Dave is a friend of Dahmer!

Wow, all that publicity with no explicit strumpeting? BOnus!

Key quote: Luke and Cara butt heads

Dahmer just liked eating Vietnamese.

Congratulations on using "toot." that "big hooters" reporter probably would have said "blow."

Dave: Suggestion:
That you and Alan Hold out for a cameo (at least) when Hollywood comes calling to buy the movie rights.

On the other hand, if they cough up billions, maybe you could hire doubles.

Congrats again!!!

"A Miami Herald columnist"???????


How about "Pulitzer-prize-winning, funniest-man-in-America-labeled side-splittingly perceptive and discerning humorist and psychological sustenance of a nation"???

Aren't you supposed to say "Excuse Me!" after tooting?

Being mentioned in the same list as Christopher Moore has to be a Good Thing, author-wise.

Since I have most of your books Dave, I am looking forward to this new one. I don't think that your horn needs tooting at all. Your work speaks for itself.

There are other Miami Herald columnists?

Toot away Dave! I agree with Betsy 100% and I have the release date marked on my calendar.

"Tough Sh*t", and "How to Piss in Public". Sounds like you're in good company.

Seriously, looking forward to grabbing a copy. Congrats!

Trust me, Theresa -- even successful, famous men like Dave need their horns tooted once in a while.

Okay, so Dave can toot once in awhile but with a successful record such as his most people should be able to see that. I would think but maybe they don't.

I recently heard men toot 15 to 16 times a day, while women toot about 8 or 9...

Dave tooting right before the Iowa Caucus? Hmmm. Is it pure coincidence or a cunning ploy to get his name out to the voters?

Dave Barry, Dave Barry.... isn't that the guy Sugababe Heidi Range just dumped?

Ssshh padraig! Somebody might read this to Sugababe and, after they explain to her what a book is, she may want her cut of the profits!

I dunno. Dave is apparently so busy, I have to wonder what kind of campaign he's going to put in this year?
He has to run, doesn't he. He's our only hope.
Or at least the only one who expects us to laugh at him.

Dave's juggernaut is surging as usual. When will he resume replying to campaign-related questions?

I hope so, Horace! I want to know if he has solidified his position on beer. He's been so wishy-washy about it.

Also, I traded in my car that had the Dave for President bumper sticker. I need a new sticker for my new car.


About time you wrote a book, Dave!

I am shamelessly promoting Gene Weingarten in his cause to obtain an AK-47. Please check out his column to vote for him.

Did you hear they found ticks on the moon? yep, lunar ticks...

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