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December 31, 2011


...but don't get too wild.


Especially not in Miami.


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2012 the Year of the Dogocalypse.

Poor Lucy. Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe!

Happy New Year to Dave, his family and all of you terrific commentators. I always come here to lift my spirits and am never disappointed.

Doesn't Lucy look cute. She sits there very nice with her crown on. Happy New Year and yes please do stay safe.

Lucy! And a hippie, tie-dyed Sophie in the background. What more could you ask?

Happy New Year to Dave and the Blog. Every day, no matter how crummy, there is always something here to make me smile.


In what way does this differ from Halloween doggie dress-up?

I fear the Doggie Revenge Apocalypse is at hand.

For Dave, anyway.

Happy New Year! (figuring it's unlikely to get worse than 2011.. oh dear bog, it's an election year)

No shooting into the air and stay off Jeff's lawn.

Happy New YeACK!

Thanks, Cheesewiz for reminding them.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year...and Dave is careful not to turn his back on Lucy.

Then what am I supposed to do Cheese? Party pooper!

I shot a bullet in the air;
It fell to earth, I know not where.

Or was that an arrow?

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

Hope the coming year is a blessing, and that the beer
(and gas) is cheaper and abundant.

Happy New Year Lucy!

Oh, and to the rest of you wonderful people, too!

What's 2012 in dog years?

Happy New Year! Hope all the blog people have a safe and prosperous year.

According to a little known Mayan calendar, found low to the ground and executed with what look like claw marks, 2012 will be the year dogs finally get thumbs. After that, duck and cover.

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