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December 30, 2011


Man Burns House So Mother, Wife Won’t Move In

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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If I don't want someone moving in with me I just change the locks or move. Shame on him for leaving the dog inside the garage.

Agreed -- the dog was an innocent bystander.

Poor dog. Because of pack mentality, a dog can be devoted to someone who abuses him since that person is seen as "pack leader".
And some people are just horrible leaders.

Hunks Hunka burnin' luv!

I almost sent that in yesterday but it was just an update on an old article and I was too lazy to see if it was blogged two weeks ago.

I agree the worst part was burning the innocent dog.

When I was a young-un and used to road trip to Florida for spring break I was somewhat aware that when I crossed the state line my IQ automatically went to half of what it normally was. I guess I assumed full time residents had some kind of immunity, but apparently not.

I am routinely late to work because of this guy. I wish the police would stop with the yellow tape around the office.

State of wedded bliss?

More like wedded blitz.

I understand he had a hot temper. Liked to play with matches too.

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