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December 30, 2011


Seattle 'locavore' traps, cooks squirrels

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I like the idea of eating locally produced foods, but I don't think I'd want to see what else she serves from the old Joy of Cooking edition.

Thanks, but I'll stick with the styrofoam tray.

I was OK with this until it got to the point about drowning them.
My sister made a real effort to drown me once when we were kids. For the record, I totally deserved it. (You may imagine an evil laugh at this point.)
I shouldn't have allowed her to get that close, in view of my provocations.
But the idea of drowning is "distasteful".

fivver, there's a foam spray one thread that way --->

It's the closest I could get.

I agree about the drowning bit. She should run them over with a car like the rest of us do.

I found the cursing iPhone (wwbagnfarb) story more interesting. Link on my name.

She's missed the entire point of the local food thing. It avoids the cost of factory-producing food, setting up distribution chains, shipping it across the country if not, in fact, around the world. None of that is happening with squirrels. She's just eating squirrels. If the topic were pigs, chickens, etc., she'd have a point.

And I can think of any number of ways to off a squirrel that are quicker and more humane than drowning them. What's she trying to do, get them to confess to terrorist acts?

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