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December 26, 2011


It'll be out Sunday.


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Thanks, Dave! I'll pass that along!

I have waited all year for this. Having missed all the earlier State of Union rubbish. Please bring back the Misery Index. Be sure to check the box which provides full living color mode. I am excited. How long is it till sunday?


Another year older and deeper in debt is how it went for me.

But good news: 2012 is almost here. Full of mayan mystery and cheer, lets have another ...beer!

Glory jee to Besus!

Cheeswiz is going to hell.

Yep the myans say it's all over in 2012, except, I don't think that they knew anyone but, uh, Mayans which may mean that it would have been the end for THEM, if they were, uh still here.

But Happy New Year to all and may you bea ble to pay your bills, keep your jobs and sell/buy a house and so forth.

It's like waiting for that ring that the dog ate to come out.

Will it be in The Washington Post? The Christmas Gift Guide wasn't.

This is just crazy talk, but wouldn't it be cool if Dave published a book of all his Years in Review?

Wheww!! I thought I missed it.

So, you're determined to stall until the year in review in question IS ACTUALLY OVER?!! Ahem, all righty then.

The story has been posted. Or maybe The story has been posted! or perhaps The story has been posted ü

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