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December 23, 2011


Quebec taxpayers pay $200,000 for escalator to nowhere


(Thanks to afkat)


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My experience from DC escalators suggests that even to nowhere, this one will break down.

i would poop on it.


"Nowhere" is actually a code-word for "Portal of call". One walks up the steps,touches the activation white wall, recites the secret password, and is transported instantiai, instuntan, really fast into the future to 340 St. Ann’s Dr., Laguna Beach, Christmas Eve.

Another way to look at this is that the French noun for nowhere is cambrousse which yields the anagram scam be ours.

So apparently there was plenty of warning.

Stick a sign in front of it and call it art. Maybe call it, "An Impressionists View Of Life".

This could be used in a Channel perfume add. Of course you'd need a half clothed lady on the escalator.

♫ And she's buying a stairway to Nowhere ♫

What'd be more impressive, Cindy, is if you got a group of maybe 8 people who've agreed to stand in line there for a couple of hours, and direct newcomers to the end of the line. Then film it and see how long they would stand there...

Kind like how banks and doctors offices work....

P.S.: Not to mention the Post Office....

The nine steps of the escalator are located inside a bus terminal that UQAM had planned to turn into a campus space, student residence and mall.

if I only had a dime for every time I've heard that...

Painting a mural that looks like the person would be going into the next space would be way too much fun.

Impressionist or Absurdist?

Speaking of escalator art....

How long before some street musician sets up at the bottom playing "Escalator to Heaven"?

I feel like I've been on that escalator all day today. Sigh.

Kind like how banks and doctors offices work....,
Or like the lines at Walmart, funny man, which I was stupid enough to visit today. The grocery store was worse. Next year I'm going to Hawaii for Christmas. I'm going to send my friends and family a lovely postcard while I sip Mai Tai's on the beach and ogle lifeguards. I mentioned this already on my Facebook page and not surprisingly a lot of people think it's a great idea.

Available for weddings?

The eternal treadmill of pointlessness.

We've got that beat; Minneapolis has a skyway to nowhere.


Notice there is no down escalator?

That's why they call it "higher education"!

They should paint a background on there and video tape all the drunken idjits slamming into the wall ;)

Magritte. Ceci n'est pas un escalier.

This wouldn't be news except that an American got on the escalator before he realized it wasn't moving.
He starved to death before a rescue team could get there.

Oh, it gets better:

Nine immobile steps are visible, leading into the wall. The escalator continues on the other side of the wall, completely inaccessible to the public.

It's for mime practice.

That's nothing, they had one of those in Brussels a few years back already: http://unexpectedtraveller.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/the-road-to-nowhere/

Unlike in the USA where we spend millions on jet fighters to nowhere...

I would have guessed it was some Americans with Disabilities Act requirement. Even if it goes nowhere, you have to provide access to it.

Oh, there's no shortage of access to nowhere for the disabled. It's access to somewhere that's sometimes an issue.

Mon dieu! Sacre bleu! You people who blaspheme our sacred seven steps to Quebec independence! I fart in your general direction!!

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