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December 05, 2011


A New Mexico restaurant employee says he's now seen it all, after three men left his diner with rolls of toilet paper and were nabbed in the parking lot by police.

(Thanks to Carroll Stewart)


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"Albuquerque police apparently already had the trio under surveillance..."

Yipes! Calling all snipers on wipe-swiping types!

"Albuquerque police apparently already had the trio under surveillance..."

Yipes! Sniping wipe-sniping types?

[sorry...I thought my first try up there went into the round cloud]

I'm glad the police have something to go on.

I'm glad they got it back but, truthfully, the used TP market isn't what it used to be.

True story: At my college's student union, the toilet paper roll theft was so bad that they went to using the industrial-sized roll system with special dispensers, no individual rolls to steal.

A few days after that I saw a grad student standing in one of the stalls feeding toilet paper out of the dispenser with one hand and wrapping it on the other until he had a roll's worth to take home.

College student ingenuity knows no bounds.

Hey, how about a game show involving massive amounts of Toilet Paper?

But just to be safe, better have legal check whatever concept over as it does sound a little like the existing Jersey Shore. (Well, maybe not TP but the stuff you put on TP...)

What a Charmin story.

Just remember Mr Buquerque's first name was Al, and you can spell the city without a problem.

Shocking ! Next they'll be stealing the New York Times editorial page from the bottom of my canary's cage.

Sounds like a bum-rap to me.

Wipe out crime.

* squEEEEzes cindy *

A number two misdemeanor?

Hah! I can't believe this story made it all the way to Dsve Berry's blog. Too funny!

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